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Friday, September 24, 2010

Zora lyrics

words & music by Lloyd Miller, arrangement by Chris Johnson, Ely Levin, Lloyd Miller, and Anand Mukherjee
(c) (p) 2010

Zingin' zongz in Zorida
Zatz what zee WPA paid her for-a

Singin' songs
and collectin' stories
in the land of Okeechobee

Z! for the sound at the end of Evergladz
O! O-o-o- Okeechobee hurricane
R! Recordin' things people never heard before
A! As in shake, shake it shake it do the Teacake

In F-L-A, she made Janie and Teacake
her ethnographic work took her all over the Southern states
and her recorda
Listenin' to rituals in Haiti and Jamaica
You should hear what she heard
Marty, cue the tape up!

Z! For the "z" in Their EyeZ Were Watching God
O! O-o- Okeechobee, way down South in the swamp
R! He jumped in for Janie got bit by a rabid dog
A! Subway, Did you see me cry for Teacake?