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Friday, September 24, 2010

Little Red Airplane lyrics

Little Red Airplane
words & music by Lloyd Miller, arrangement by Chris Johnson, Ely Levin, Lloyd Miller, and Anand Mukherjee
(c) (p) 2009

First time she saw a plane
She said "That's not interesting."
"Just rusted wire and wood"
Ten years before she stood...

With a friend at a stunt plane show
Little airplane toward her dove
She said "That little red airplane
had something to say to me"

Little Red... Little Red Airplane! (etc)

On her first Atlantic flight
she was a passenger not a pilot
"I was baggage, a sack of potatoes..."
Maybe next time I'll try it solo
in a...

Little Red... Little Red Airplane! (etc)

Now Newfoundland is where she took
Ireland is where she took her hat off
"Have you flown far?" asked the farmer
she said, "Uh, yeah... America..."

This time the plane was white
Plan was trans-navigational flight
That means take off in one place
Fly the world around
Land in the same place
Meet the crowds
In a...

Little Red... Little Red Airplane! (etc)

Somewhere between Asia and Hawaii
Amelia's radio went silent
But if you look up
You can still see her flying
Speak up! She's flying pretty high in a...

Little Red... Little Red Airplane! (etc)