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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Battle of Brooklyn lyrics

Battle of Brooklyn
words and music (c) (p) Lloyd Miller 2007

Ba-ba-ba-baba- Battle of Brooklyn (repeat)

verse 1
The British came over in boats
from Staten Island at the Narrows
back then there was no Verrazananana-nanananana...

verse 2
Twas at the Donegan Oak
the rebels held the high ground
and the redcoats were slowed
but it wasn't long
'fore they were on their way to Park Slope!

verse 3
The corner of Court Street and Atlantic Avenue
back then was high ground that Washington used
to watch the rebels' bold attack
and then the redcoats redcoats drove 'em back

The rebels took the Old Stone House
and then the redcoats redcoats drove 'em out

Few left alive
but there was just enough time
for Washington and the rest of the rebels to run to Jersey at night

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