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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Real-Time Shelby Foote

So I finally have a companion in my Shelby Foote book club! We're reading his Civil War trilogy over the course of five years, attempting as much as possible to sync our reading to the 150th anniversaries of the events. Doesn't this sound like great fun? ("Yes," replies everyone in monotone unison)

Seriously, though, it's truly a fantastic work. Check out his Tolstoyian (Tolstoyesque? Tolstoyish?) introduction of Jefferson Davis (right at the beginning of book 1) and tell me you really don't care to read this thing.

If you're concerned that we're way ahead of you and you'll never catch up, your fears are unfounded. The first year of the war only takes up about 150 pages so you can easily meet us where we are -- March 1862 -- by reading about 150 pages this weekend. You will read 150 pages this weekend.

I won't beg.

I beg you.