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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Costume ideas

Every weekday next week is part of

the Strange Dees, Indeed CD Release Pre-Party!!!

At all my sing-a-longs, any kid who comes dressed as someone or something from a Deedle Deedle Dees song will get a special prize. And if you come to our CD release concert at the Eric Carle (the CD release party itself) in a Dees-themed costume, you'll get a special special prize (seriously -- the Carle prize is a step up from the sing-a-long prize. it's worth trying for).

To help you earn your prize, we thought it would nice to give you some costume ideas. In the rare event that you haven't heard the Dees complete discography. Here are some people (+ one animal and one mythical superhero creature) of whom we've sung who would qualify you for an award should you choose to dress as one of them:

Harriet Tubman
Nellie Bly
Anne Bonney
Marie Curie
Satchel Paige
Cool Papa Bell
Mahatma Gandhi
Aaron Burr
Abigail Adams
Babe Ruth
John Wilkes Booth
John Brown
John Henry
Henry "Box" Brown
The Golem
Amelia Earhart
Harriet Hanson Robinson
John James Audubon
Frederick Law Olmstead
Calvert Vaux
Sojourner Truth
George Washington
Henry Hudson
Phineas Gage
Zora Neale Hurston
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Marianne Moore
Nathaniel Philbrick
Fannie Lou Hamer
Lucy Stone
Susan B. Anthony
Harriet Jacobs
Thomas Edison
Cornelia Hancock
Abraham Lincoln
Barack Obama

Most of these people are historical figures. A couple are characters from folklore (John Henry, The Golem).

If you see a name on that list above and would like to hear the song in which they appear but can't find it, please send me a note. I'll send you a link to the album if the song appears on one of ours. We have written and performed a bunch of tunes that have never shown up on any of our albums. If you want one of these tunes, I'll dig up a demo recording, video, or other version for you. If I've got nothing, I'll just make a YouTube video of me sitting in my kitchen singing the song.

The list above is not complete. It's just what I came up with off the top of my head.

Hope to see you -- in costume -- somewhere this week.