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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Botanical ABCs

I compiled this for my sing-a-longs at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden yesterday. These are all real plants that grow there. I stuck mainly to the common names rather than the scientific ones I'm unable to pronounce, much less sing.

There were so many families there, though, I decided to scuttle my hello song that would have featured the names of all the kids present + plants that start with the same first letters (the song would have been several hours long -- I only saw a couple of toddlers and dads in Dead shirts who would have appreciated this excess).

See if you can find a plant that starts with the same letter as your name. Send it to me if you'd like me to include your name and plant in my upcoming YouTube video of "BBG," the song I didn't get to sing.

A is for artichoke thistle and andean fire
B is for butterfly weed
C is for crepe myrtle, castor bean, and cherry trees
D is for daffodils
E is for echinacea
F is for forsythias
G is for Graham thomas and George burns (common names for two flowers, no kidding)
H is for honeysuckle rose
I is for iris and indigo
J is for jimsomweed
K is for kew blue and kiwi
L is for lilies and lilacs
M is for Maggie Bell Slocum and magnolias
N is for Nathan Hale (another personified flower) and Norwich Castle
O is for orchid
P is for papaver somniferum (poppy)
Q is for quercus
R is for roses and rhododendrons
S is sacred lotus and sunflower
T is for tulips
U is for uvularia
V is for violetta and vase vine
W is for water lily, wisteria, witch-hazel, and wildflowers
X is for Xanthosoma
Y is a letter I need some from a gardener on
Z is for zinnia

Lloyd (Ulysses S. Dee)

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