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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Major Deegan lyrics and chords

A mom wrote today asking for the chords to "Major Deegan" so that she could strum and sing it with her boys. We've actually had this request a number of times before and I'm only just now getting around to posting them.

Any other songs you'd like to learn? Let me know and I'll post the changes.

If you'd like to play along with me, visit SingalongwithLloyd on YouTube. There are two versions of "Major Deegan," one solo, one with Chris on the banjo.

Major Deegan
words and music by Lloyd Miller (BMI)
(c) (p) 2007
All Rights Reserved

Capo fret 1

Honk honk
Woo ooh Woo ooh

downstrum G 4X

Major Deegan, how ya feelin'?
Am C
I'm feelin' slow
West Side Highway, goin' my way
Am Em
No no no no no no

F Am Em G
The Emperor of Traffic says no
F Am
to the Brooklyn Bridge
Em G C
the Cross-Bronx, the BQE, and the Triborough

Honk honk
Woo ooh Woo ooh

GW, lowa or uppa?
It's 30 minutes in both ways
Jackie Ro-Ro, where do I go?
I don't know know know know know know know

The Emperor of Traffic has control
of the Williamsburg Bridge,
the Van Wyck, the FDR, the Verraza-na-no
No no no...

C Am Em G (2X)
F Am Em G (2X)

Major Deegan, how ya feelin'?
Belt Parkway, how ya been?
LIE, how dost ye be?
Why do I talk to the roads
when, Emperor of Traffic, you alone,
can answer my question:
"Tonight, how do I get home?"