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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Prison ships, birds covered in oil... Sea shanties, Deedle Deedle Dees-style

I just finished two songs I've been working on for a bit:

"Wallabout Bay"
From the point of view of bones buried beneath the prison ship monument in Fort Greene Park... We'll debut the tune at our show there on July 28th.

"Everybody Looks the Way That I Do"
A bluesy tune sung by birds, turtles, and other Gulf residents covered in crude. The Dees have always avoided current events for some reason. Maybe it's my fear of confrontation-- I like my controversies situated well in the past. But this song just kept coming back to me, demanding to be sung.

The band probably won't have time to rehearse before we play these songs live for the first time so I'm just going to put some videos up on YouTube so that the other Dees can learn them. Look for them in a couple of days -- you can learn them along with us.

your obt svt,