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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Here are the songs we were going to play Saturday

 Our surprise free show in Red Hook this Saturday, August 27th, has been canceled due to hurricane precautions by the city. But in case you'd like to imagine the show that might have been, here's the set list Otto von Dee and I ran through tonight in my basement. We wouldn't necessarily have played it in this order. Make up your own, why don't ya?

The Golem
Cool Papa Bell
Marie Curie
a song for Abigail Adams
Sojourner Truth
Birds of America Don't Care-Oh
Penny Farthing
Whaleship Essex
Dead Horse Bay
Henry (Hudson), How Ya Gonna Find a Way?
Battle of Brooklyn
Bluebird > Redbird, Redbird > Reef
River of Blood
Henry Box Brown