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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

And the title of our new album is...

We've decided to go with the top vote-getter in our Facebook poll, but this wasn't the only factor in our decision. A number of people expressed their preference for this title independently of Facebook. Also, our designer Greg Bunch said it was the one that worked best with his graphic ideas for the album cover (which you'll see soon).

Chris Johnson (AKA Booker Dee) came up with this title. Thanks to him, Dees Otto and Moby, and everyone else who sent us their suggestions.

The title of our new album is:

Strange Dees, Indeed

All 18 tracks on Strange Dees, Indeed will be available for reviewers, radio folks, and other media types to download by the end of August. The album will officially be released to the public on October 31st. You'll be able to buy a hard copy on CDBaby or a digital version on iTunes and other services.

I'm in the process of posting lyrics to all the songs on Strange Dees, Indeed on this blog. I'm also including some brief background on each song: what inspired it, what it's about, etc.  When I finish this project today or tomorrow you'll be able to find everything simply by searching for the song title(s) you want. And I'll continue to add these entries: related books for kids and grown-ups, your suggestions for where to learn more about the subjects of our songs and more. So check back here frequently -- you'll always find something new and worthwhile.