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Friday, January 7, 2011

Support Dees pal Roy Nathanson's students

Dees collaborator and guest star Roy Nathanson teaches in a NYC public school when he's not touring the world with the Jazz Passengers or doing sessions with folks like Debbie Harry and Elvis Costello. As you might imagine, his student band is pretty awesome, much better than most grown-up acts I see.

The band is taking a big trip overseas soon. They're having a show tonight to raise money. And of course they've got a Kickstarter page. Here's Roy's letter about all of it:

Hi Folks -
The wonderful High School band and songwriting group that I teach at Institute for Collaborative Education is invited to go along with "Sotto Voce" to play at the Gateshead International Jazz Festival in Newcastle/Gateshead in March. They'e been working for a year on this, writing and arranging some great new subway songs. Everything at the festival is covered but we are working to raise the airfare for those families who have trouble paying the whole deal. So we have a kickstarter page:

You can either donate at the site or come to our big benefit gig this friday Jan 7th at 6pm at Rose Music Live in Williamsburg. I'll be playing there as well. You can buy tickets for the event at the kickstarter site as well.

Thanks and have a happy new year