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Saturday, January 29, 2011

An original birthday song... for you

Okay, I just came up with this today. I was supposed to play this birthday party tomorrow but the dad called to say that his daughter was running a high fever and that they'd had to cancel the event. Very sad. Seriously! We've had a lot of sick birthdays in my house. I hate 'em!

I decided to record a special version of "Happy Birthday" for the sick birthday girl and post it on my YouTube channel. Then it occurred to me that lots of kids would probably like to have their own version of "Happy Birthday" to sing with at home. I decided to record a version with the birthday girl's name as well as the names of a few other kids whose birthdays are coming up.

Being a prudent independent musician, however, I first checked to see if "Happy Birthday" was in the public domain. It's not (not until 2030).

So I scrapped the whole idea. Until later today when I was walking around a brand-new original birthday song came to me...

That song is now on YouTube in three versions. If your name happens to be "Paula" or "Grandma," you're in luck. If your name is something else, try the third link here: in this one I just mouth some silent gibberish that you can fill in with your name.

Paula, It's Your Birthday

Grandma, It's Your Birthday

It's Your Birthday

Or you can write me and I'll make a new video using your name. People around the world with your same name will thank you! (or perhaps curse you)