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Friday, February 10, 2012

A song written by all of us

Ok, let's try this. Watch the video of this simple sing-a-long song I wrote (ignore that really wrong chord I hit at one point). Read the lyrics below. Replace words with things you like. You could, for example, remove the word "hairballs" and put "werewolves" in its place (I tried to make replacement word rhyme with the one it was replacing. Can you do the same? Or change all the words in the verse so they work together?)

Send your ideas to me at thedeedledeedledees AT yahoo DOT com. 

Our composition might end up on an album (I'm considering a real studio sing-a-long record. But it's very much in the planning-the-planning stage). At the very least I'll put a new version on YouTube featuring my favorites of the suggestions I receive. So far "vampire squid" (suggested by a kid at my Friday sing-a-long in Lefferts Gardens, Brooklyn) is my top candidate for inclusion.


Sing-a-long Song    
words & music by Lloyd Miller (c) (p) 2011

Sing-a-long, baby            Sing-a-long, mom
Sing-a-long, popsicles    Sing-a-long, hairballs

Sing-a-long, floorboards   Sing-a-long, walls
sing-along, windows   it's a sing-a-long song

Sing-a-long, horses           Sing-a-long, goose
Sing-a-long, wildebeest      Sing-a-long, moose
Sing-a-long, feet and shoes!

it's a sing-a-long song       everybody sing along

Sing-a-long, ninjas          Sing-a-long, police
Sing-a-long, princesses         Sing-a-long, peas

Sing-a-long, knights       Sing-a-long, daisies
I'll sing-a-long with you if you sing-a-long with me

Sing-a-long, dragons   Sing-a-long, teeth
Sing-a-long, overpass      Sing-a-long underneath
Sing-a-long, potholes in the street

Sing-a-long, donuts      Sing-a-long, dads
Sing-a-long, dogs       Sing-a-long, doo-rags

Sing-a-long happy       Sing-a-long sad
Sing-a-long in the mud and then later in the bath

Sing-a-long, train tracks and car alarms
sing it in the city so they can hear it on the farm
Sing-a-long, eggplant parm