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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Underground Railroad lyrics and brief notes

Underground Railroad
music by Anand Mukherjee & Tavo Carbone, words by Lloyd Miller
arrangement by Chris Johnson, Ely Levin, Lloyd Miller, Anand Mukherjee

Innocent Dee - electric guitar, vocals
Ulysses S. Dee - upright bass, vocals
Otto von Dee - drums, vocals
Booker Dee - banjo, vocals

The Underground Railroad wasn't actually a railroad. It was a system made up of people, their houses, their businesses, their horses and carriages, and all sorts of other things. The system had one purpose: transport slaves to freedom. Runaway slaves and their helpers, known as "conductors," hid in the back of wagons and in barns, disguised themselves, rode all night in total darkness on horseback and did all sorts of other awesome, but extremely dangerous things.

The most famous conductor of all was Harriet Tubman, known to many as "Moses" because she helped people escape slavery just like Moses in the Book of Exodus. This song is a chance for you to cheer her adventures and shout out the names of many of the cities involved in the wide-reaching and complicated network known as the Underground Railroad.

Boston New York Montreal
Chester Cairo Ironton
New Haven Montpelier
Chicago and Port Huron

Boston New York Montreal
Albany and Rochester
Toledo Detroit Port Huron
Chicago and Davenport

Underground Railroad Harriet Tubman
freed 300 slaves, ain't that something?

Boston New York Montreal
Philadelphia Cumberland
Springfield Des Moines Percival
New Bern Charleston Leavenworth

you don't need a ticket just a secret password:
"friend of friends" all aboard!

Bucktown, Maryland she was born
but her name wasn't Harriet it was Araminta
later in life they called her Moses
cos she lead slaves to freedom I supposes

Boston New York Montreal
Albany and Rochester
Toledo Detroit Port Huron
Chicago and Davenport